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Chemistry Courses

During your first or second quarter at UC Davis, you should begin your chemistry series coursework (CHE 2ABC). You may elect to start either the Chemistry (CHE) 2 ABC series or the more in-depth CHE 2H ABC series.

If your math and chemistry qualifying exams scores are not high enough to place in either of these chemistry series (you must pass to the level of both the CHE 2A and at least MAT 12), you will need to enroll in preparatory Chemistry Workload (WLD) 41C this fall quarter to start CHE 2A in winter quarter.

WLD 41C is offered only in fall quarter each year and carries only workload units (these units count toward financial aid and university minimum progress but do not count toward the 180 units needed for graduation nor your GPA).

If you do not achieve a high enough score on your chemistry placement exam and need to complete remedial chemistry (WLD 41C), remember that it is offered ONLY in Fall Quarter.

If you need workload classes, take them! They can have an enormous impact on your future success at UCD.