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Math Courses

Effective Fall 2010, the calculus requirement for all College of Biological Sciences majors will be either Math 17ABC or MAT 21AB. Please check your departmental web site for specific math requirement for your major.

During your first or second quarter at UC Davis, you should begin your calculus course work. You may elect to start the Mathematics (MAT) 17ABC series (great for biological and pre-health students), or the more in-depth MAT 21 ABC series. Most of our students needs are met with the MAT 17ABC series. However, if you are deeply interested in math or are interested in changing to an engineering, physical sciences or mathematical major, MAT 21ABC is more appropriate for you. Both calculus series meets the requirements for professional (including medical) school entrance. Remember, for professional school applications, grades are more important than level of difficulty of the course.

You must achieve appropriate scores on the precalculus qualifying exam to maintain registration in MAT 12, 17A, or 21A (see Placement Examinations section). If you do not achieve these scores, you may elect to retake the exam online prior to the beginning of fall quarter. Please see the math department website for placement exam dates.

Alternately, you may wish to strengthen your math abilities first by enrolling in MAT 12 (Precalculus), WLD 55M (Algebra Review or Algebra II), MAT C (Trigonometry) or MAT B (Algebra). WLD 55M, MAT C and MAT B will give you workload units. MAT 12 will give you units toward graduation. The results from your placement examination will guide you in this decision.

If you need workload classes, take them!