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Complete your lower division coursework first

IMPORTANT! All major courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Complete preparatory course work first.
If your lower division course work is not completed, start by reviewing the Preparatory Subject Matter list below for more information on specific courses, especially organic chemistry.

Lower division courses at UCD are numbered from 1-99.
Select 2 courses from your major preparatory courses. The remaining units in your fall schedule should consist of electives, GE, English, research, or internships. See the following pages for more specific suggestions.

Important: Because your first opportunity to register (pass 1) comes after our continuing students have registered, be aware some courses or sections may already be full (closed). It is essential that you prepare a list of alternate sections and courses before your SISWeb pass 1 appointment. The Class Search Tool itells you what is currently available. On pass 2, a waiting list is generated for most closed courses. At your pass 2 appointment, add yourself to the waiting list for any closed course in which you hope to enroll. Then, for lab courses, visit as many labs on their first day to ask for a "permission to add" (PTA) number.

Duplication of Credit
Are you signing up for courses that seem familiar? Or, do you need to complete the second half of a course series? You could be duplicating credit already earned at your community college. Taking part or all of a course at UCD that you completed elsewhere will result in loss of those UCD course units. Check with an adviser if you have any questions. Students from a California community college can also check duplication on Assist.

List of Preparatory Subject Matter Courses for Lower Division Coursework

These are the preparatory courses for all CBS majors. Transfer students should compare their preparation with this list and complete any course or series deficiencies first before starting upper division course work. California Community College students can compare these courses using the Assist program.

Mathematics (Calculus)
MAT 17A+17B+17C or 21A +21B

Transfer students should have already completed the equivalent of one of these series. If you have not completed any calculus prior to fall quarter, you must take the online math placement exam in order to stay enrolled in the first calculus course. If you have completed at least one calculus course, you do not need to take the math placement exam.

General Chemistry
CHE 2A+2B+2C

Transfer students should have already completed the equivalent of this series.

Biological Sciences (Introductory Biology)
BIS 2A+2B+2C

MUST be taken in order and cannot be taken at the same time as they are prerequisites for the next BIS 2 course. Transfer students have completed the equivalent to at least one of these courses. If you have not finished the series, you should do so as soon as possible.

Organic Chemistry
CHE 8A+8B or CHE 118A+118B+118C

If your organic chemistry is not completed, you should enroll in 8A or 118A or the appropriate continuing course for fall quarter. The CHE 8 series provides a solid background in organic chemistry for biology students. If you desire a more in-depth coverage of organic chemistry or plan to attend a professional school (such as medical) that requires a full year of organic chemistry, take the CHE 118ABC series. The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major requires either the 118 series or the 128ABC and 129ABC series and does not accept the CHE 8AB series.

General Physics
PHY 7A+7B+7C

If you have not started your physics you should enroll in 7A. If your physics is not completed, you should enroll in the appropriate continuing course for fall quarter. The continuing course is best determined by the UCD Physics department, because our series progression is different from most schools. This is the recommended general physics series.

STA 13, 32, 100, or 102

You need to complete only one course from this list. You may already have completed the equivalent of our STA 13 course at your community college. Consult Assist. Statistics 100 is specifically designed for life science majors. Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity; and Genetics majors require specific upper division statistics course(s). Please see your adviser if you are in one of these majors to determine your Statistics requirement.