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Information Unique to UC Davis

UC Davis rules, designations, and procedures probably differ from your former institution. Don't make assumptions. See an adviser, read the General Catalog, and know the deadlines given in the Quarter Dates and Deadlines Calendar to clarify questions or avoid possible misunderstandings.

Here are a few examples of information unique to UC Davis:

You cannot drop courses after the drop deadline. UCD does not give W's for dropped courses. Instead we have strict drop deadlines. If you want to drop a course you must do so before the appropriate deadline. Requests for drops after deadlines must be accompanied by documentation that proves something catastrophic and beyond your control happened to you after the drop deadline. Dropped courses are not listed on your transcript.

So how do you learn all this stuff? See an adviser, read the General Catalog, and know the deadlines given in the Quarter Dates and Deadlines Calendar.

There are two drop deadlines.
One is on the 10th day of classes; the other on the 20th day. The Quarter Dates and Deadlines Calendar lists all deadlines. You can view whether a course has a 10- or 20-day drop deadline by referring to the Class Search Tool. Once there, you can view the course detail for every course to determine what the drop deadlines are.

You can get into a class that is full.
Beginning with Pass 2, you can place yourself on a wait list if the class you want to add is closed. Wait lists are established on a first-come, first-served basis. You can view where you are on a wait list in the Schedule Builder or Student Detail Schedule on SISWEB (position #1 means first on the list). The units of a wait listed course count towards the maximum units allowed. However, the units of a wait listed course do not count toward financial aid eligibility. Students are moved from wait lists into available seats each night after registration closes. Check your wait list status periodically to see if you are enrolled in the course.

You are responsible for checking the wait list to see if you have been enrolled in the course and for dropping the wait listed course by the drop deadline if you decide that you no longer want that course.

IMPORTANT! It is your responsibility to drop any courses that you are not actually attending.

The Class Search Tool uses abbreviations!
Below is a guide to some that you may encounter when planning your first schedule.

R = Thursday
ENG = Engineering courses
ENL = English courses
UWP = University Writing Program courses
BIS = Biological Sciences courses
EVE = Evolution and Ecology and Biodiversity courses
EXB = Exercise Biology courses
MIC = Microbiology courses
MCB = Molecular and Cellular Biology courses
NPB = Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
PLB = Plant Biology courses

Not all courses are given every quarter or even every year.
Many upper-division (numbered from 100 to 199) courses are given only once a year. A few are given only every other year. Because of this, planning at least one year in advance is crucial. Course quarter offerings are designated in the catalog at the end of each course description: I = fall, II = winter, III = spring, for the first year of the two-year catalog. For the second year these same designations are in parentheses.

Simultaneous enrollment is not allowed.
Except for summer, you are not allowed to attend another learning institution while you are attending UCD without prior approval from the Dean.