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Minors Offered

The College of Biological Sciences offeres a variety of minors to complement your major course of study.

  • Biological Sciences
  • Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Exercise Biology
  • Human Physiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Plant Biology
  • Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics

Students interested in two or more areas of study may consider completing one or more minor programs. Minor requirements are listed in the in the UC Davis General Catalog.

The following are common questions and answers for students who are thinking about electing to add a minor to their academic program. The information provided here is not all inclusive. For more information see your major adviser, consult the UCD General Catalog, visit the academic department offering the minor program, or make an appointment to see an adviser in the CBS Dean's Office.

Do I need a minor?

  • If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree: A minor is one option for satisfying the L&S breadth requirement.
  • If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree: A minor is not necessary.
  • In either case: You would choose a minor based on your strong interest in a certain subject area. A minor is not a necessity, but an augment to your education.

What departments offer a minor?

Can my minor be used for General Education?

Yes! If your minor is in a different breadth area than your major, the minor will satisfy topical breadth for that area. Each major and minor have been assigned a topical breadth area. Consult your UCD catalog. Courses in your major or minor may also satisfy the diversity and the writing experience requirements if listed in the GE courses list.

How do I file for a minor?

You should complete a minor petition form. Minor petition forms are available at the CBS Dean's Office (202 Life Sciences) or you may download a Minor petition here. Next, obtain signatures from both your major adviser and an adviser in the department offering the minor and submit the signed petition to the CBS Dean's office. Remember to list your upper division college courses for both your major and your minor.

When do I file for my minor?

You should complete a minor petition at the same time you apply for candidacy. They have the same deadline.

How many courses can overlap between my major and minor?

You major and minor must have only one depth subject matter course in common.

Is the minor listed on the diploma?

The minor is listed on your transcript (in the memoranda section), but not on your diploma.