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Research and Internships

The Davis campus has a long tradition of giving special attention to undergraduate education. For students majoring in the sciences, UC Davis offers a particularly resource-rich environment. Over 300 faculty members from the biology-related academic programs and professional schools welcome students into their laboratory research programs.

Participating in faculty research enables you to develop technical skills, explore different areas of modern research, and learn how the "real world" of scientific research operates. In addition, working in a faculty member's laboratory gives you an opportunity to closely interact with your professors and, in turn, they get to know you as an individual.

The faculty members listed in the guide to Faculty Researchers by Department/Section welcome your inquiry about becoming involved in their research, and you are encouraged to use the guides to find a faculty member whose research program interests you.

Click here to find information on how to enroll, or, read comments both from faculty members who have sponsored undergraduates and from students who have previously used the guides.

Additional research opportunities are available through the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center, located at 2300 Student Community Center, telephone (530) 752-3390 and the Internship and Career Center in South Hall, telephone (530) 752-2855.

We hope you find your undergraduate research experience a fulfilling and exciting one.

Do you have more questions?

Send an email to cbsundergrads@ucdavis.edu with "research" as the subject.