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Special Programs

The university experience is more than courses and exams. You are encouraged to learn, discover and engage in activities beyond the classroom, and at UC Davis there are many opportunities.

Over 100 majors, freshman seminars, honors, fellows and scholars programs, and study abroad programs offer you endless possibilities to learn something new about the world-and yourself.

Financial aid or scholarships may be available for special programs, and much of your work may count towards your degree or your major. Check with an adviser to find out what courses may apply.

Research and Internships for Biology Students
Research is an integral part of the undergraduate experience at the College of Biological Sciences, and while at UC Davis you have great opportunities to work with the best faculty in the world on current and meaningful research projects.

Collaborative Learning at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology (CLIMB) Program
The Collaborative Learning at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology (CLIMB) program emphasizes hands-on training using mathematics and computation to answer state-of-the-art questions in biology.

Education Abroad Program (EAP)
The Education Abroad Center sponsors students all over the world. You can study abroad in the summer, for a quarter, or even a year. Many times those courses can be used to satisfy requirements at UC Davis. Don't speak a language? Some of the programs, such as the one in Australia, do not require a foreign language.

Costa Rica Tropical Research
This program is offered through our Education Abroad Center at the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica. It is a quarter-long program for fall or spring, taking a few courses in tropical biology and pursuing your own research project. Don't confuse it with the year-long regular EAP program in Costa Rica. You don't need to speak a foreign language for the Tropical Biology Program.

The Biology Undergraduate Scholars Program (BUSP)
BUSP is available to Educational Opportunity Students (EOP) who are interested in careers in biology.

University of California Center Sacramento (UCCS)
The UCCS Academic Program gives undergraduate and graduate students a rare opportunity to learn about California's public policy and journalistic processes firsthand. The program includes rigorous coursework as well as professional experiences built while living, interning and conducting research in the State Capitol. Offered year-round, students enroll in classes while working 24-40 hours per week in internship placements. Students earn 12 - 16 units while interning in Sacramento!

Davis in D.C.
This internship program is available every spring and fall in Washington D.C. No matter what your politics are, there is an internship experience waiting for you. And yes, you earn degree credit.

Human Corps
Need volunteer experience? This on-campus group connects you with various volunteer experiences in and around Davis.

Peace Corps
The Peace Corps has a representative on campus every day of the week to answer your questions about this program. Go out there and contribute to the world.

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