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UC Davis College of Biological Sciences

Student advising

Call (530) 752-0410 for an appointment or email cbsundergrads@ucdavis.edu for more information.

contact us

Main Phone:
(530) 752-6764

Main Fax:
(530) 752-2604

(530) 754-9254

mailing address

One Shields Avenue
202 Life Sciences
Davis, CA 95616

Dean's Office Directory

If you would like to request a meeting with:

  • James Hildreth, Dean
  • Susan Keen, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Programs
  • Peter Wainwright, Executive Associate Dean
  • John Harada, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Donna Olsson, Executive Assistant Dean
  • Daniel Isidor, Assistant Dean of Development and External Relations

Please contact Carrie Matthews, Assistant to the Deans, at cmatthews@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-6764.

Administrative Unit
Angelo Acebedo  

Acebedo, Angelo
Computer Resource Specialist
(530) 752-0587

Sally DiVecchia  

DiVecchia, Sally
Chief Personnel Analyst
(530) 752-4616

Theresa Garcia  

Hawley, Paul
Network Administrator
(530) 754-9175

James E.K. Hildreth  

Hildreth, James E.K.
(530) 752-6764


Jo, Christine
Event Coordinator
(530) 754-9254

Susan Keen  

Keen, Susan
Associate Dean
(530) 752-4463

Cathy Miller  

Miller, Cathy
Chief Financial Analyst
(530) 752-4495

Donna Olsson  

Olsson, Donna
Executive Assistant Dean
Dean (530) 752-3478


Rutledge, Gayle
Executive Director for Special Programs
(530) 752-4460

Tim Valdepena  

Valdepena, Tim
(530) 752-2531

Nu Vang  

Vang, Nu
Business Office Assistant
(530) 752-2387

John Weston  

Weston, John
(530) 754-5685

Carrie Matthews  

Matthews, Carrie
Assistant to the Deans
(530) 752-6764

Rosie Wright  

Wright, Rosie
Financial Analyst
(530) 752-1937

Development And External Relations
Kim Bernick  

Bernick, Kimberly
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
(530) 752-5824

Ginny Harding-Davis  

Harding-Davis, Ginny
Senior Director of Development
(530) 754-9221

Dan Isidor  

Isidor, Daniel
Assistant Dean of Development and External Relations
(530) 752-2097

Betsy Levine  

Levine, Betsy
Senior Writer

Jennifer Woo  

Woo, Jennifer
Development Analyst
(530) 754-9253

Graduate Academic Programs
Theresa Garcia  

Garcia, Theresa
Animal Behavior
Designated Emphasis in Organism-Environmental Interactions

Aaron Morrison  

Morrison, Aaron
Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cell and Developmental Biology
(530) 752-9091

Demian Sainz  

Sainz, Demian
Integrative Genetics and Genomics
Plant Biology
(530) 752-4863

Dawne Shell  

Shell, Dawne (Director)
Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology
Exercise Science
(530) 752-9092

Educational Enrichment and Outreach

NOTE: The HHMI Program is administered through the Molecular & Cellular Biology Department.

Ken Burtis  

Burtis, Kenneth C.
P.I. - HHMI Program
(530) 752-4460

Connie Champagne  

Champagne, Connie
Academic Coordinator / Associate Director of BUSP
(530) 754-8727

Barbara Horwitz  

Horwitz, Barbara
P.I. - IMSD Program
(530) 752-2072

Heather Lawrence  

Lawrence, Heather D

UC Davis Biotechnology Program
Marianne Hunter  

Hunter, Marianne
Program Manager, UC Davis Biotechnology Program
(530) 752-8183

Denneal Jamison-McClung  

Jamison-McClung, Denneal
Associate Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program
(530) 752-5090

Judith Kjelstrom  

Kjelstrom, Judith
Director, UC Davis Biotechnology Program
(530) 752-8228